Custom Origional Designs and Pen Segemnting videos.

Hi, I'm Gabe. I'm internationally known for my pen segmenting techniques and segmenting videos that have been sold to hundreds of pen turners all over the world. Each pen comes with a free refill. Like us on Facebook and Subscribe on YouTube

Exotic Woods, Acrylics, Ebonite Materials.

Bacote, Cocobolo, Lacewood, Purpleheart, Curley Maple, Olive, Zebra, Zircote, Ebony, Tulip, and Wine barrel Oak, Bethlehem Olive Wood from 2000 year old trees and 30,000 to 50,000 year old Ancient Kauri Wood unearthed in New Zeland, each pen comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Steampunk Pen.

Bring those broken heirloom watches out of the closet and transform them into writing works of art with a close family history. Cast into Acyrlic resin hand turned and wet sanded using Micro Mesh from 1500 to 12000 grit. Some have Carbon Fibre or choose a favorite color background to further customise the look you want, also add your own charms for that one of a kind special look. 5 to 8 watches used to create each handcrafted pen.

My Woodworking Experience So Far...

I have been working with wood for most of my life in one way or another, being raised by my Grandparents who grew up during thr Depression and always made due with what they had, and we built our own house so I learned how to use basic tools growing up. I have been making Exotic Wood Pens for close to fifteen years, and working on the lathe for over twenty years in my modest two car garage shop in Victorville California.

After getting back into woodworking and collecting antique woodworking tools I picked up a Popular Woodworking Magazine that featured SamMaloofs new shop, up untill that time I had seen a book for sale in a antique shop and I saw one of his chairs in a Museum, to my surprise he was right here in Southern California, so in 2003 my wife surprised me when she took me to see the Sam and Alfreda Museum in Alta Loma California. that visit changed the way I looked at woodworking by combining form, and function along with combining hard lines, and soft lines I can create art that is functional that invites you to touch, admire and most of all enjoy.

Volunteered as a Docent at Sam Maloof's Historic Musium

My Exotic Wood Pens, their shape inspired by legendary wood worker Sam Maloof. My favorite chair is the Curley Maple and Ebony Rocking Chair, I created the Curley Maple and Ebony Pen with hard and soft lines. My mission is to let the wood speak for itself, I hand select all the woods I like to use, and still offer a variety of styles of pens with a variety of finishes like Chrome, Titanium, and Black Chrome. They combine form and function with comfort, ease of use, the bamboo like shape cradeles in the fingers and allows for a relaxed writing experience, eliminating hand fatigue during writing.